A. Understanding Viruses
Computer virus is a small program which is designed to be spread from one computer to another and disrupt / hinder the infected computer’s operating virus can also damage or delete data and files from an infected computer.Then by using the computer email system computer virus will spread itself via e-mail list from that computer.Computer viruses spread most easily through email. That is why it is important to not open an email attachment from someone you do not know unless an email from someone who did you expect / wait for email. Computer Viruses can be disguised / camouflaged as an attachment to an email in the form of image files, greeting cards, and can also masquerade as video files and even pdf file. The virus can also spread through downloads – download on the Internet. They are hidden in the files downloaded are as dark passenger.

In order to avoid computer viruses, it is important to always keep your computer from virus attacks the computer by using anti-virus software current. It is important also to have the most updated information about new computer virus threats, and you should always be vigilant and adhere to basic rules when browsing the Internet, do not download files from websites that are not clear and not open an email attachment from someone you do not know . Because, once your computer is infected with a computer virus, then the result can be fatal.

B. How Computer Viruses Work by Type 

Virus is a computer program that has the ability to destroy files or damage a computer system. Viruses have many different types and has a way of working is different, the following types of viruses and how each virus:

1. Virus Files
This virus has infected the workings of an existing application or document on your computer. When an infected application is executed, the virus will spread by infecting files or documents accessed by the application.

2. Boot Sector Virus
This virus has a way of working that is infecting the hard disk boot sector (boot sector is an area in the hard drive is accessible when the computer is first turned on). If the boot sector virus is active, users will not be booting the computer normally.

3. E-mail Virus
This virus has a way of working that is spread via e-mail (usually in the form of attached files / attachments). The virus has a special characteristic of the extension. Scr,. Exe,. PIF, or. Bat. If the virus is active, it will transmit itself to the various e- mail addresses contained in the user’s address book.

4. Multipartite Virus
This virus has a way of working that infects computer files on the hard disk boot sector as well. This type of virus will cause many problems because it causes a fatal damage.

5. Polymorphic virus
This virus has a unique way of working with this virus can change the code itself (change form) while spreading itself to other computers Virus type more difficult to detect because they have such properties.

6. Virus Beast (stealth virus)
This virus has a way of working that is he able to hide himself by making an infected file as if the file is not infected.

7. Macro Virus
This virus has a way of working which infect Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel. Documents are usually infected by Macro Virus will modify the existing command in Microsoft Office such as the “Save” to spread itself when the command is run.

C. Kind Of Viruses and How Abatement

1. Virus: Storm Worm is a virus that emerged in 2006, the Storm Worm is a nickname that is given by the company in Finlanddia F-Secure, Strom This worm spreads via email with the title “230 dead as storm betters Europe” Storm worm is Trojan House is a program of several versions to make the bots or making computer into an automatic email spam, the Storm Worm accounted for 8% of all malware infections globally. Used Anti-virus: BitDefender Antivirus (

2. Virus: Leap-A/Oompa- A is a virus that attacks the Mac Os oprasi system capable of sending messages to all contacts you have in iChat, the virus has entered through iChat JPEG format, virus Leap-A or Oompa-A is not dangerous enough but in this age teryata anyone can create a virus that can penetrate even the Mac OS on a Mac Os Os have the concept of security through obscurity is sure that no virus will penetrate the system. Used Anti-virus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus (

3. Virus: Sasser and Netsky, Sasser virus, the virus is able to disable the Windows system can not be made until ShutDown process without the resources or the power supply at disconnect, the virus is not spread through email vvia but when the computer is infected with this virus there is a connection with another computer then the virus will run automatically and the computer does not have a virus which first became part attacked. Netsky, Netsky is a virus that spreads via email with a 22 Kb file attachment and Windows networks, when this attack will memyebabkan Netsky on DOS systems will experience an error. Sasser and Netsky is made by a 17-year-old son named Seven Jaschan, Anti Virus Used; Webroot Antivirus (

4. Virus: MyDome (Novarg). MyDome is a virus that spreads through email via this MyDome jam that spread through the media search engines (like Google) virus started spreading on 1 february 2004 last and DOS attack that both viruses spread on 12 february 2004, gara – gara this MyDome spread on search engines to U.S. SENATOR CHUCK Schumer asked for as soon as possible to make the National Virus Response Center. Used Anti-Virus: ESET NOD32 (

5. Virus: SQL Slammer / Sapphire, SQL Slammer / Sapphire is starting to spread in January 2003 the virus spread rapidly through the internet. In 2003 the U.S. Bank ATM crashes, and cause the service 911 Seattle destroyed and Continental Airlines to cancel them because of an error checkin penerbanggan and ticketing, the viruses SQL Slammer / Sapphire has caused losses of $ 1Miliar. Used Anti virus: AVG Anti-Virus (

6. Virus: Nimba, Nimba virus is spread in 2001 and spread very quickly, Nimba this virus is having targen server – a big server and make it a backdoor to the Os, the virus is spreading through the internet access ways, according to TruSecure CTO Peter Tippett Nimba virus only takes 22 minutes to get into the TOP teen sophisticated virus. Anti Virus: VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware (

7. Virus: Code Red and Code Red II, the virus appeared in the summer of 2001, the virus is aimed at computer related to the White House then all computer virus Code Red and Code Red II will mengaccess to the White House web automatically and in unison, it will become overloaded or DDoS attack, Code Red and Code Red II attacks the OS Windows 2000 and NT. Anti-virus: F-Secure Anti-Virus (

8. Virus: The Klez, a new virus attack in 2001, The Klez was attacked by Via Email, This virus can multiply and continue to send emails to all that exists in the address book. The Klez can also cause kumputer you can not operate normally and not to stop anti-virus. Anti Virus: Trend Micro (

9. Virus: Virus ILOVEYOU is the emergence of the Philippines in the form of worm, the virus spreads via email, this virus can make this a virus file and replicate by itself, this ILOVEYOU virus berjudulkan love letters from a secret admirer, his original file or the parent of this virus is LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT. vbs., VBS (Visual Basic Scripting), this is the ILOVEYOU virus creator Onel de Guzman of the Philippine Anti-Virus: McAfee VirusScan (

10. Virus: Melissa virus was made in 1999 by David L. Smith, the virus is spread via email with a document “Here Is That document you asked for, do not show it to anybodey else.” When you open a file that is then sent his This document will spread automatically. and can lead to replication of this virus automatically sends this document to 50 Top email address in your email. Anti-virus: Norton AntiVirus (


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